Connecting Amercian Consumers with True European Fashion

European Direct Line

High End European Clothing shipped directly from our store in the United States.

(Arrives in 4-7 Business Days)

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Merchant Partners

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Market Values

  • Trusted Partnerships

    We believe in working with our business partners in good faith. We partner with Local European Merchant who do not ship to the United States and provide them a way to reach the American consumer.

  • Quality

    We strive to only source the hightest qulaity European clothing styles for our store.

  • Return Policy

    If an item is recieved damaged the item will be fully refunded, including purchase shipping price. However products will not be eligible for a full return if the product was recieved in good condition, but does not fit. If this happens, please contact customer support and we can return the item minus the restocking fee (cost of shipping the item back through our site and shipping you out a new one.)

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